Is Diabetes Winning…….or Are You IN THE ZONE?!?!?!?!

zoneI have often felt that this life around us is like a buffet of positive energy.  You have so many choices to feed yourself in one of a million roadways that can lead to happiness.  SO many roadways just full of great experiences and great times along with great friends.  I am amazed how many choose not to eat at this buffet table and would rather eat at the buffet of anguish and despair.

If you have a dollar to bet, bet that someone somewhere is not just worse off than you but that they are enjoying life that much more.  Think about it.  Look around you.

There was a big walk this weekend for Autism.  There were lines at the airport this morning.  There were movies to be seen this weekend.  There was a good time to be had somewhere.  Everyone else is out there living with what life throws at them.  It is time to face the fact that just not everyone wants to live life as if someone hurled a boulder that landed squarely one one’s shoulders……and they don’t.

One of the most important lessons life that my mom taught me was that because it matters to us, it probably matters little to someone else……..unless they feel the same way.  It is not that they are cold-hearted—-they just have their own life and the want to get back to it with as little interruption as possible.

I know sick people who live life to the utmost degree.  I know rich people who are miserable.  I know poor people who are on top of the world.  You can tell almost immediately the person you want to be around to make you feel good.  If they do not make you feel good…….move on.

When you look in the mirror, are you the person you think people want to be around?  Are you taking this life for all it has to offer?  The person who listens is the person who learns.  The person who takes it in, is the person who gives it away.  The stranger walking by who smiles at you does not know more than you……but they surely make you feel that way, don’t they?

For today, just today.  Live life-like it’s about to be the best day of your life because to live it differently…….you just may get what you asked for and why take that chance.  Ever hear the phrase ‘in the zone’? You hear it in the sports world all the time.  The pitcher is in the zone.  The defensive back is in the zone.  The golfer is in the zone.  They are relaxed and ready to play at the top of their game.

So for today, just today, live life ‘in the zone’.

We’ll talk again tomorrow……………………….about tomorrow.
I am a diabetes dad.

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