Sung a la Elvis…It’s a Blue Diabetes…How do YOU Shake, Rattle, Roll It…Thank You Very Much?

Elvis BlueMy friend and wonderful author, Andrew Deutscher asks a very interesting question that I would like to get out there to hear your comments/feedback.  If you have diabetes or you have a child with diabetes, needless-to-say that at some point or another, you are going to want to scream from the highest mountain…….and maybe you do that when needed.

But I’m curious, as Andrew was when he asked, what DO YOU DO when you need to take a break….need to get away…..need to just pack it in for a few hours?  How do you ‘shake’ those diabetes blue?  Maybe Elvis wore the diabetes color of blue for a reason……just say’n.

Kindly share with all of us what gets you to the breaking point that you need to DO SOMETHING that allows you to keep going and what it is that you do?
I am a diabetes dad.

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