Nothing that You Hear……Only Half of What you See.

Because I said soMama always taught me; ‘…….to believe nothing that you hear and only half of what you see…..”  The premise, quite simply, is that nothing is as it seems.   If someone is speaking, everything they say is as they see the world; and that “….it ain’t necessarily the way it is….”  It also may have influenced me that when growing up and my dad would say, “Because I said so…..”, just never sat quite correctly with me.

It’s almost amusing to hear what some people have to say and how much they believe their word is gospel truth.  And I have often thought that the ones who speak the loudest are, not necessarily, the ones who know the most…… fact, in many cases, it’s the quite opposite.  Because someone appears to be ‘in-the-know’–not always so true.

I constantly remind myself……go to the source…..go to the source…..go to the source.  Because if it’s not coming from the source, it’s a generation away from facts which continues exponentially with each telling of the story.  As kids we all played the telephone game…..right?  Someone makes up a few sentences and tells person one who shares the story to the next person and it continues until the last person shares what they were told and by that time, the story/facts have changed greatly.

What makes us think that the way the phone game was played back when we were kids, has changed all-that-much now that we’re adults?  And it’s become even more emphatic.  If you want to verify all of this, no matter your political affiliation, just go to a political site or when someone passes their political opinion about how good their candidate is and how ridiculous the opposing one(s) is (are).  Things are stated with such conviction that YOU KNOW they must be correct……right?   Uhhhhmmmm not really.

I find this is in the diabetes world as well.  I have always, ALWAYS, and ALL WAYS, never took anything at face value.  I try to verify whatever I hear;  about a device, a type of research, a management tip, a new medication—-homework, homework, homework.

I will also rarely get into a debate about anything as well because in as much as I may do my homework and know something to be completely contrary to what I am hearing or reading; it’s not important that I convince someone ‘otherwise’ it’s important that I know.  That I know for whatever will benefit my kids.  That I know for whatever I choose to believe in.  That I know what I feel comfortable.  There I snot enough time for me to find out what is needed much less try to convince anyone else…..of anything.

I’m also not easily swayed, but I will listen.  Mama also taught me that you cannot learn anything while you’re talking……and THAT has served me well,  But quite honestly, don’t take my word for it.  Find out for yourself.
I am a diabetes dad.

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