Panic or Solve It—-How do You Handle Life’s Problems?

handle problemI enter an elevator.  Now four of us are standing there as the door closes.  Man #1 is dressed in a suit that I can only imagine the price and he is about sixty-ish.  Man #2 is in jeans, a t-shirt, and a backwards baseball cap say around late twenties.   Man #3 is in his thirties wearing a polo shirt and khaki pants…….and me.

The door to the elevator close but the elevator does not move.  A minute goes by and man #1 says, “”Crap, this is what I need this morning.”  Man #2 says, “I am not really good in closed-in places.”  Man #3 says, “Idiots running this hotel.”

Me?  I am looking at the door.  It looks like it just didn’t close all the way.  I step forward, place my hand flat against the door and attempt to slide the door another inch or two.  The door locks shut and the elevator starts to move and we all get off on the ground floor.  All of them could not have been more appreciative.  “Well I guess we dodged a bullet today, well done” said man #1.  And we went are separate ways. Chances are, this brief meeting in the way it occurred with these players, will never happen again.

As I continued in my day, I kept thinking of the morning encounter.  The problem was easy to fix…….I just took a look, realized the problem and fixed it.  What made this so interesting is that it made me reflect on the different way the problem was addressed by the participants.  One was about the person.  One was the personal reaction and the self-impact to the problem.  And one immediately blamed someone else.  Not a big deal to me, I just closed the door,

We clearly have choices when we are hit with a situation.  I will choose to solve it rather than any other action; in most cases.   Now we were not in the elevator very long but as I thought about it, and I admit that I have been told I over-think things some times, I could not help wonder how that would have all progressed if we were REALLY stuck in the elevator for a length of time.

But it clearly showed how people handle situations. At the end of the day it is our choice how things impact us.  We have that control.  Four people in the exact same situation.  How they handled it became each of their own choice.  Me?  I like to think I take the road to get the job done when given those choices.  More resolve, than personal feeling.  Not always a good thing I admit, but the job gets done…..and that’s important to me.

What type-person are you in situations like this?

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