Share Your Child’s Fondest Rite of Passage.

rites of passageOur kids get older.  They grow up.  The experience so many things that are their rites of passage in this wonderful life.  Do you stop and take notice?  Do they pass you by?  Have you been too busy?

It is cool to have your ears pierced.  Some kids wait anxiously until the time that they are allowed an doff they go.  Some kids cannot wait until they can do something that their older brother or sister get to do, like get a driver’s license>

Rite of passage.

I find these type things very exciting and they happen everyday.  Today I ask a very simple question; what was the rite of passage that you so enjoyed when it was time for your child to experience?  Did you sigh and think you were getting older too quickly?  So share your child’s experience with their rites of passage………

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