Not Everyone WILL EVER Care……Reality!!

careIt was an absolutely horrendous night.  I need to share this so people know what my life is like………………………………………
Do people REALLY need to know what my life is like?  I get that there is misunderstanding.  I get that people could know a whole lot more; and would make my life easier.  But do I care about their life so much that I want to read about something I do not understand.

Our lives are so crucially important………………………….to us.  My mother once told me “What is important to you is not as important as you think to others”.  I never forgot that phrase and reminded myself many times.   With some exceptions, I don’t write thinking that someone, who has no idea about diabetes reading about my life, will all of a sudden have an epiphany.  My articles are more to encourage those already on the journey.

Our lives are truly important…….to us.  If you know someone with MS, Lupus, Cancer, Autism, mental health disease, heart disease……..and/or in any other disease-state, how much interest outside of our own personal involvement do we actually have……or even need to have; or perhaps (be honest) even WANT to have…….really?

It’s not that we do not care, we do.  But are we fully aware of the person going through chemo spending hours of sickness; or a person with MS having to have each and everything done for them because they cannot do it themselves; or a person in intensive care losing a recent battle with depression……do WE ACTUALLY know?

To be clear, there are those that probably should make an effort to know more than they do.  That’s a point well taken.  That said, be very careful on where you hold expectations regarding your own situation.   Something else I learned at an early age; it’s better to be surprised than disappointed.  Expect little, you will be surprised more times, than you will be disappointed.

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