A Mom Loses a Son…….”23″ a Number that Means Much On This Day.

Jesse was here  MichelleSix years ago today was a normal day for just about everyone else in this world, with the exception of Jesse’s family.  Jesse passed away six years ago today.  If you ride in rides and/or if you are active in the diabetes community, chances are you know that there is a meaning behind “2/3” or shortened to just “23”.  The 23rd mile, in memory; stop at 23, 23 has become a number to make us all reflect.  To remember……and move on knowing we can foster change.  February 3rd has come to mean something in our world….but none of us wanted it, least of all Jesse’s mom, Michelle.

Michelle will find a corner at some point today and reflect in a way she needs to, what Michelle will NOT be doing today, is sitting home by herself.  When she lost her precious Jesse on that fateful day Michelle made a decision, she would make sure he would be remembered in all of the efforts in which she would continue.  She does that……for my kids, for yours, and for you; if you live with this disease every day.

Continue indeed.

Michelle is a friend.   In her shoes, I’m not so sure I could do what she does.  She has always been involved in the diabetes world but after Jesse passed, she became a powerhouse.  Almost as if a higher power reached into her life and said others need to know about what is important……if not a higher power, an angel perhaps……..indeed.

Whether it’s Riding on Insulin, educating through lectures, meeting elected representatives, riding to raise money for a cure, supporting those who have gone through what she went through—–Michelle is tireless in her efforts.  She has not stopped in her drive to make sure what happened to Jesse, does not happen to others.  She is ‘out there’ doing, when most others would close off their life……and no one would blame them.

So on this day I remember Jesse.  But when I sleep tonight and I say my prayers I will also thank God for my dear friend Michelle.    She is a lightening rod, she is a powerhouse, she is driven, and above all else……..she is a mom.  A mom suffering the greatest of heartbreak and yet gives of her self unceasingly…..for others.  Because that is what moms do.

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