How Many Children’s Death Need to Happen??????

Tombstone Care HarderI’m not exactly sure why this is such a problem; I mean I really am unsure.  Do we need a celebrity’s child to be stricken to bring awareness?  Is not the amount of death and illness that has happened not enough?  I’m dumbfounded that the death of even one child, which was absolutely preventable, is not considered ‘enough’ to try to fix this situation.

Recalls, choking pieces,  negligence leading to harm…….the world becomes up in arms over so many things when they know the situation can be changed.  Why is not missing the diagnosis of type one diabetes (T1D) included.

In my Town Hall Survey, (taken last August) let’s just say the information is not exact science but is it not surely enough to take notice?  Over half of the 500+ respondents who were in diabetic ketoacidosis when diagnosed had been to a medical professional prior to being hospitalized and the diagnosis was missed.  Four children had brain damage and five children died.

Why is that not enough?

In a subset of any kind of population under examination; almost 2% ending up brain-damaged or dead is not enough to delve further?  Okay, I admit it, I am not statistician expert; it’s possible the stats are not completely scientific….prove me wrong?  Prove me wrong that this is not a problem and I will shut up and go away.

But I have hugged parents who have lost their child to a T1D diagnosis being missed, explain to them that it’s not important enough to figure out what to do. Imagine if it were your child….what would you do to change it?  Illness, Brain damaged or death just because someone did NOT THINK to do a finger prick or a urine test.  Seriously?

What will it take…….what will you do?  I’m just so hard pressed to think that if a legislator; or a president of a major diabetes company/organization/entity; or a celebrity lost their child due to undiagnosed type 1 diabetes……the response would be so cool in nature on trying to make a difference as it seems to be;  “Not my problem, why care?”

We all need to “care, harder”.

Well I’m sorry that many of the kids who died, or were injured, or ended up hospitalized due to someone not ruling out type one diabetes were all just regular kids and not the kids of people who HAVE THE ACTUAL POWER TO STOP SOMETHING SO AVOIDABLE.

But they were kids who were somebody’s entire world, and now they are gone.  Please tell me, why are their silenced voices not enough.  Why does no one hear those children’s cry for change?


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