Do You Dream About Diabetes…….NOT Existing????

Sheep DreamsDo you dream?  I do.  All sorts of wonderful places and events.  Some a bit scary but all adventurous. Last night was a different dream for me and I’m not so sure I ever had this dream before.  My three kids and I were walking in a field of yellow flowers….I’m not sure what they were, but they were about waist-high and very yellow.

As we walked in this field, Rob and Kaitlyn kept asking me to check their bold sugar and I kept asking them, “why?”  After they both told me so many times that they were worried that their blood sugars were plummeting, I kept telling them; “…but you don’t have diabetes anymore…..”.  They would run off only to return a few minutes later asking the same thing.

Okay you dream-genies out there, analyze that and let me know what you come up with that is deep in my subconscious.  When we turned to return home. I woke up.  Not so sure I had that dream before.  I dream about a lot of people I have known in all sorts of experiences like us flying together.  As in flying with no plane……just flying around in the warm sun.

I like dreams.  Share a reoccurring dream of yours….what is your favorite dream?  I have many more dreams than nightmares…….I guess THAT is a good thing.  Dreams take us away to lands that only become a reality when we close our eyes.  Sure wish that dream of ‘them no longer having diabetes’ becomes a reality some day.  It would be nice not having to experience that only when my eyes are closed.

That would be nice.

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