NEWSBREAK: Something Great for Kids Who Have T1D!!!!!

Coco ImageMake no mistake about it, I am probably the biggest fan of Coco as she deals with her diabetes.  I just cannot applaud LOUDLY ENOUGH for this Lilly Diabetes/Disney Collection on T1Everyday Magic.


Today I’m informed that Go, Team Coco! has been made into the newest digital version of Coco’s adventures and is available RIGHT NOW….just click the picture.  Coco a monkey in the Disney World of characters—–and she has diabetes, but do not misunderstand; not only can Coco do what she always could do but she does it with all of her Disney Character Friends who help her along the way, including the one and only Mickey Mouse.

Make sure you make this point very clear when you read to your child, MICKEY MOUSE’S Good Friend, Coco, has diabetes……………….just like your child.  A great book to read together with siblings, relatives, and friends too.

In this world of diabetes, some companies GET IT RIGHT!  BRAVO and BRAVO to all on the creative team at Lilly Diabetes/Disney and please SHARE THIS NEWS EVERYWHERE of the newest Coco/Disney story ready to be read TODAY!!!!!

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