If ‘IF’ was a Skiff, We Would All Be on a Boat Ride.

what ifMy mother used to say that saying all the time….still does in fact.  A ‘skiff’ is a small boat, and it actually has a few meanings;  the word ‘IF’ is not a skiff, and we are not on a boat ride……IF is a futile look at something that is already gone.  Gone, so stop wasting your time saying, if this….if that…..if only……if, nothing.

When something happens in our lives, and surely diabetes is one of them, it makes no logical sense to be wondering about all of the ‘ifs’ surrounding the diagnosis.  “IF” makes NOTHING go away and if anything, thinking in those terms only makes you frustrated because with ‘if’, comes ‘so close’.

I’m not close to anything; I have it, or I don’t.  If I don’t have it, or it’s not here; more work needs to be done to get the very thing that seems to be just outside one’s grasp; is how I feel.  Close is a relative term.   In some parts, close can be 5 miles, in NYC it could be inches!!!  Close is certainly not a bad phrase, but I would rather have something than something always being so close.

It’s like people who say someday…….Someday I’ll get there….Someday I’ll be rich….Someday, I think, is on the same skiff…..with “IF”.

It’s great to have dreams.  It’s great to shoot for the stars.  But one needs to keep their feet planted.  Change does not happen automatically and the best way to get to ‘someday’ is to stop saying ‘IF’.

Got an idea, go get it.  It will never come to you.

I am a diabetes dad.
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