NEWSBREAK: Little Esme Gets Diabetes Supplies and…… Apology!!

Esme SCORE ONE FOR THE DIABETES COMMUNITY TONIGHT.  I was contacted by Esme’s mommy, Faye, tonight and she informed me that not only were Esme’s diabetes supplies approved by her insurance company tonight but Humana Insurance Company apologized as well.

Little Esme captured the hearts and involvement of the diabetes community on Thursday when it was reported that she was denied a total of six times from applications and appeals to obtain a CGM and an insulin pump by her mom’s insurance company.  Esme was diagnosed in February 2016 and her pediatric endocrinologist rallied for Esme’s welfare to have the proper diabetes management tools.  After the word got out and the facts appeared to present the case as just a series of miss-steps in the insurance process leaving a two-year-old to receive the bulk of wrong doing,  the diabetes community reacted in full force.

Faye wrote to me, “We know that social media and the advocacy work done by so many (especially played a HUGE part in the quick turn around of Humana. In fact, I am pretty sure we not have gotten the same result alone. We are so grateful and look forward to continuing our efforts to obtain long-term change for all families.”

For those celebrating the Jewish Holiday tonight, one person wrote to me and called it a “Passover Miracle”.  The job is done.
You did that.  To all those who wrote an email, you changed a life tonight.  You changed that life for better, forever.

Not bad for a day’s work.  Good job Diabetes Community……good job indeed.


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