We are America.

flagWe are America.
We are bigger than attacks knocking down our biggest buildings.
We are bigger than assassinations of our leaders.
We are America.
We are bigger than when our weakest are struck.
We are bigger when our strongest are made to fall.
We are America.
We have cheered our teams, we have buried our young.
We have lost jobs, we have cleaned the aftermath.
We are America.
We have survived for years, we will survived some more.
We are bigger than any one person, we are bigger than any one election.
We are America.
We believe in freedom, the right to say what’s on our mind.
We will die to defend those rights, we will die to protect our neighbor.
We are not perfect.
We have our faults.
But those stars and stripes mean something to us, you see
We are America.
We serve. We protect.  We die.  We live.
We move forward.
And today we celebrate.
Happy Fourth my fellow Americans.
God Bless America.

I am a diabetesdad.

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