Is Your Life Better…….Because of Diabetes?

betterNow hold on for a second and stay with me.  I have been at the CWD FFL conference this week and one of the speakers posed the question similar to what I asked in the heading.  Because of diabetes my life is better…….
I answered,  “It’s not.”
My positive attitude is not changed, my incredible life experiences are not diminished, my spirit is far from broken……what I said is that I’m not giving diabetes the credit for anything….it has taken enough.

Here’s why.

Children with Diabetes is the product of Jeff Hitchcock saying diabetes will not do; but Jeff did that, not diabetes.
Friends for Life is the product of Laura Billetdeaux saying diabetes will not do, but Laura did that, not diabetes.
The JDRF is the product of the Ducat and Lurie Families saying diabetes will not do, but they did that, not diabetes.
The DRI is the product of the Singer, Kleiman, and Mintz Famiies saying diabetes will not do, but they did that, not diabetes.
Almost anything positive, and there are many, that has happened in my diabetes journey has happened not because of a disease that has its only existence to destroy anything in the path of creating life saving insulin producing cells; but rather from the people who saw diabetes for what it is and changed the course of history despite of what diabetes ‘wants to do’.

Enriched?  On so many areas that I, both, cannot count and surely am not worthy.  Being enriched comes from the action of so many people who I have grown to love and my life would surely be emptier without.  It was the choice of people to enrich others; the sole purpose of a disease like diabetes is only to destroy….in my eyes the devil is not getting anything.  Actions of people caused the good.  I would change, in a New York minute, everything if I could switch back to my kids not having it all.  Who wouldn’t?  I don’t want to be ‘in this club’.  But I am; and I could not think of a more incredible group of people to be along side

But this is me.  And as many things that are on my mind, I bring it out to you for discussion and for comments to create a dialogue.  I still believe that people with diabetes are incredible and so are their caretakers (that’s you parents) and I’m inspired and amazed all the time.

I’m constantly amazed when someone tries something new to make a difference, like Beyond type 1.  I’m amazed at new technologies like “BAP” (that’s my acronym for the Bionic and Artificial Pancreas), the BIOHUB, new insulins, CGMs and so much more.

But everything good that has happened has come from SOMEONE saying that diabetes in the state that it is in, just will not do.  Why should we give diabetes the credit for that? Doesn’t it TAKE enough from us without us giving it more…..much less giving it CREDIT for anything?  Think about it and chime in.

I am a diabetes dad.
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Yes, I married my wife and had the career I wanted all because of diabetes. Can’t beat that with two sticks.

I referred your blog to the blog page for the week of July 11, 2016.

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