Three Years Out……and that Little Heart is STILL MAKING BIG THINGS Happen.

ReeganI know that last Tuesday, September 20th, came and went like any other Tuesday…..the sun rose, the sun set.  It was Tuesday.  Uneventful. Unremarkable.  Just Tuesday. Right?

Not Exactly.

Because three years ago an event occurred that would change the world for so good for so many, but not for the ones who lived it.  Out of their heart-ache, their pain, their suffering…..this world would change.  No one knew back then what would happen.  No one would have guessed it.  Many who have gone  through it have just battled to get their lives back.  Just battled to go on living.  One family, God spoke to, and they listened.

Three years ago, last Tuesday Little Reegan passed.  September 20th, 2013…..and only born in May 2012…..that should break your heart, it certainly breaks mine.  The so many things she should and would have done that will never happen.  Yet out of this broken world, Little Reegan’s mommy received a message.  Now you don’t have to believe this, and that is surely your right.  But the message came from God, she believes that and if you have seen what I have seen thus far, you would believe it too.

During the services that celebrated this way too short life three years ago, Little Reegan’s Mommy was hugged by someone who whispered in her ear, Reegan’s Rule will become law and change the world.

Now it was a battle.  The battle should have been lost many times.  Just the fact that a Democratic Representative introduced it to a Republican House, Senate, and expected it to be signed into law by a Republican Governor would almost seem impossible……right?  But what man finds impossible God makes possible.  And Little Reegan’s family are not weak in spirit or drive.  Neither was Representative Graham who believed in this law, and wrote this law.  How could they continue another day in this battle is completely beyond my comprehension.  But they did…..and they still do.

Reegan’s Rule is now a law.  LAW.  Let that sit in for a while and THAT law is what everyone points to in their efforts today.

>The NASN (The National Association of School Nurses) pointed to that law when they supplied School Nurses around the country the tools to let parents know that they need to keep an eye on their children’s stomach-Flu like symptoms.
>A mom from Texas pointed to that law when she utilized her ad agency to create posters that people could download and hang all over their community.
>Movements began in so many different states to get involved made possible by parents who just believed that diabetes would not do and led the way trailblazing what might work, what could work, and what will work.
>Organizations representing Family Physicians, Pediatricians, Nurses, School Nurse and Diabetes Educators pointed to the law and heard the message and are now implementing programs to get the word out.
>Organizations like DPAC pointed to that law stating they can help by making it easy for everyone to easily contact their legislative representative to hear how serious this missed-diagnosis is all about……and then did it.
>MyGlu and T1DExchange pointed to that law when they began their efforts to capture REAL scientific data on the topic of Missed Diagnosed Diabetes, that data of almost 3000 participants is currently being evaluated and a release of teh findings will be coming in short order.
>Beyond Type 1, a small organization with a reach far beyond anyone’s dream, pointed to the law as it implements awareness programs working with volunteers in so many states so the diagnosis is never missed.
>Companies such as Insulet pointed to the law as they bought people together in a ‘think tank’ to come up with real action to make a difference…..and tehy are working on doing more.
>Companies such as Context Media pointed to the law and stated, why not utilize our resources of 27,000 video units in Medical Professionals across the country to get the word out…..and tehy are doing it, as we speak.
…….and that is merely some of what has happened. SOME TRULY GREAT PEOPLE and fabulous Organizations, Companies making a difference.  There is more.  If you’re not involved as you want to be, just ask.  There is a plan now and that plan needs people, committed people to getting the word out.  Just ask, you’ll be put to work.

That law, which changed many times to get it to the point where it would not be killed in the process survived to its present state.  It needs more pull,  It needs more teeth.  It needs to be built upon. All involved know that and knew that for day one.  But make NO MISTAKE about it—-it is THAT law, and the efforts by THAT family that has caused every other ripple in this lake of tears we are trying to change.

….and still, Little Reegan’s Mommy and Daddy cry themselves to sleep sometimes and her family still wonders……..why?  Why this would happen?  But they have come to know that the world is changing because of their beloved Little Reegan. Three years out, this movement has only just begun.  Do you care enough to help make the change?…..don’t just do nothing.
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