This is a Picture of a Pretty Smart Bird……Teaching us a Lesson in Life.

bird-carAre you waiting?  Is something out there and you are waiting for it to come to you?  You know, you might be waiting for a very long time.  Take a look at the bird in the picture, wanna know what that bird is doing?  I came across the bird while I was driving for a great deal of distance recently.  The bird was not alone.  I was able to get this one picture of this one bird, but many more were around.

I needed gas and almost as soon as I pulled off the highway and pulled into the gas station right off the exit ramp, this small group of birds congregated right in front of my car.  When I got out they scattered.  I got a cup of coffee and paid for my gas.  As I walked to my car I could not believe what I saw…..the birds were flying from the ground to the grill of my car.  Back and forth.  It is as if they knew dinner was waiting for them now attached to the grill of the cars coming off the speeding highway.  Kind of incredible, and a tad icky also; I guess.

Now who was the first bird that thought of that?  Instead of saying, “Hey let’s go fishing.” do they say, “Hey let’s go grilling at the Kangaroo Gas Station by the highway?”  But the lesson is learned here.

…and the lesson?

Doesn’t look like they ARE WAITING for anything… looks like they are GOING OUT and getting what they want.  No one is going to knock on your door and say, “Here it is”. I don’t care if it is a dream of yours or if it is trying to find out the best management tools for your child’s diabetes……go out and get what ever it is that you want/need.  And if you have obstacles, smash right through them.

This is your race with you in it—and it’s not about anyone else in the race… is about you.  As my friend Jay Hewitt (Iron Man extraordinaire) states, “How bad do you want it?”  Only you can make ‘it’ happen in your life.

Don’t be the bird in the tree waiting for the bug to come along to have a morsel of food, get out to the gas station and eat til your heart is content……it’s your call.

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