Goodbye November……Hello………Life.

sunrise-with-blu-circleToday we bid adieu to Diabetes Awareness Month.  This is the 25th time for one, and the 8th time for the second; that I have said goodbye to this month of diabetes awareness.  In fact I’m quite sure that when we started this journey, there was no such designation.

It makes no difference.

Because December 1st, for us, will be no dIfferent than the first of November, first of March, or even first of July….diabetes is here and it still sucks.


Once we accept that fact, and I’m sure you will too, it’s time to realize that there is still an incredible world around our kids for them to enjoy at full steam.  They take the lead from us, as parents.  We encouraged our kids to live in a world of, “Here I come……” and not a world of “Woe is me….”

I’m not some medical professional telling you this, I am a parent….just like you.  I live through it now and lived through it with two kids for years and I want t share with you that unless life has played an absolutely horrid hand of cards to you and you lost your child………there is a lot of living to do.  When you think this disease is winning, think of parents whose lives have intersected with yours via social media or wherever; who lost this battle.

Actually think about them for a second.  Those who lost.

Then what you are now dealing with does not seem so bad, does it?  Start from that point and build upon it because everyday we have, in any instance–diabetes or not—is a gift.  A preciously wonderful gift that is waiting to be lived.  Opportunity, enjoyment, fun, laughter, and excitement with those we love and here is the thing……’s your call.

If you have money, or do not have money, whether you have other ailments, problems, pains, ill relatives,……it is all called LIFE and no one escapes life.  So in between those things that need to be dealt with, find the time to do something to take advantage of the world around you, and encourage your kids to as well.  DO something that empowers your kids; learn to say yes.  Learn to say, I’m not sure how, but we will figure out a way. Learn to say, we may not be able to afford THAT, but we can do this.

Make yes the only option.

We have tried to find the good, no-THE GREAT, for our entire lives on this journey and I am pretty sure we faced more than our share of odds against us.  But we did not care. We buried close relatives and friends, and we learned to live with two kids dealing with this disease…..that was not going to prevent us from anything.  When the bad came along, we used it as a reminder of how fortunate we are that we have another day to “Change it UP”.  And we took full advantage of that opportunity.  What will you do today to make tomorrow a little better for you and for you children.

What will you do to; CHANGE IT UP!

Why wait for just one November when there are 365 other days to start over……go for it!!!
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I’m a new parent to this 29th April to be precise and your blog really has helped me So Thanks We’re getting there

For me, I have decided to keep going. After 42 1/2 years, it is the one thing I really know exactly what to do.

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