If One Doesn’t take Bad Advice……Leaves No One to Blame.

Clearly the way I was bought up, is much different from the way we bought up our own children, which I’m sure is even much different from today’s skills needed for parenting.  How much of the way we were bought up plays a role in how we deal with the diabetes in our own house?

I’m shocked when I read how much advice is given on social media to those who merely ask people’s opinion.  There is no filter, or further questioning, to ensure the advice being given is actually sound medical advice.  I find this increasingly alarming.  Growing up, we NEVER took someone’s word as Gospel-truth.  I actually read, recently, ‘you should do what you think is right for your child and not what the doctor says’.

Really?  Wow.

Now wait a second.  No one knows your child more than you and I’m not bringing into question that point.  But for someone to ‘just put out there’ “….and not do what the doctor says….” is as much irresponsible as it is dangerous.

At the end of the day it’s up to each person to make the right decision based upon all of the possible knowledge/input one may attain in making sound medical decisions.  I’m also not saying that there have been times that a decision from medical personnel should not be questioned.  What I’m saying is be wary when someone makes a blanket statement as absolute truth who is no position to make such a declaration.

Growing up and during the summer months, I left my house shortly after sunrise and was not expected to be home until just before dark.  No cell phones.  No contact.  I think it’s a pretty safe bet to say that doesn’t happen so much anymore.   One did not ask their neighbor over the backyard fence about how to treat a sick relative at home either.  Today we are connected at every turn and seeking someone’s opinion and/or help is at our fingertips every day.  And when dad told me something and my inquiry into ‘why”, it was met with, “Because I said so…..”, well such is not the case anymore.

Just make sure that quick availability……doesn’t give way to bad advice.
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