Should One Jump Into Using New Diabetes Tools

I spend a great deal of time getting in and out of machinery that when, or should, they malfunction the results are usually disastrous.  But still, it’s not uncommon to see me getting in or out of an automobile or doing the same with an airplane.  I’m a guy who plays averages and I figure the deck is stacked in my favor to complete any trip.

Of late, I have read people sharing very horrifying stories with various diabetes management tools.  Leaks, malfunctions, kinked tubing, site pulls, transmitter malfunctions, and just about any other such mishap that causes management tools to not operate as they should, as is expected, as is anticipated.

As my flight times increased, I did a good deal of research to find out what turbulence means, what makes a plane stall, how safe am I?  I was pleased to find out that chances are pretty good that I will get from one place to the other, safely.  In fact chances are very good in my favor.  How much are you influenced when you read about some of the amazing diabetes management tools and their ability to malfunction?

Step number one, as in getting behind the wheel of a car, know that what you are dealing with is a machine.  A good, perhaps great, machine; but a machine none-the-less.  Machines need to be taken care of with maintenance and good care and in most cases optimum results will be the result.  But machines can also breakdown.  Be ready for these times.

In doing my homework about traffic safety, I learned that over the last decade (as per the Institute of Insurance Safety) about 35,000 people die on average on the US roads annually and of the top six major causes, 4 were completely preventable.  Speeding, drunk driving, distraction, and cell phones top the list so avoiding those should make my trip that much safer.

The point is this.  I’m always going to get in my car.  I’m always going to get in an airplane.  I know the facts and the facts are in my favor.  Know this about ‘THAT’ device you are looking at for your child.  Do your homework, know the pitfalls, know the risks.  At the end of the day, it’s still easier to fly to the west coast than walk.  My guess is that there are many great diabetes management tools available to help get through the day.
Try them.

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I am all about the new cool. I love the new tech, but I also realize my love of overcoming issues is not for everybody. As for me, I get a charge at making these work for me. Not true everyone, My motto, ‘know thyself” young man / woman.

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