Troubled? Yes. Give Up? Never

Hard to believe that on September 26th, we passed 28 years fighting this beast called tye 1 diabetes (t1d). On the day my daughter was diagnosed I promised her that we would not give up until the day that a biological cure was found.

When Barack Obama left the presidency, he was addressing congress when he said, “One of the few regrets of my presidency is that the rancor and suspicion between the parties has gotten worse, not better.” In an interview he expanded on that point stating that he promised he would reach across the aisle and bridge that gap. The reporter started to mention some of the reasons which might explain why it hadn’t happened, but the former President would have none of it stating that he did not say he would do it ‘if’ x-y-z happened, he said he would do it.

I bring that up because the more I’m in this world, the more I believe we will find a cure. I have come to understand what that actually means over these past years. I think it’s time we challenge the research world with a little more vigor. Either something is working, or it isn’t. It is either time to solve the barriers standing between a good research project and a great research project, or pull the plug and move on.

I did not promise my daughter we would get to ‘THAT’ cure if x-y-z happened, I said we would ge there. My patience is wearing thin. My tolerance for mumbo-jumbo is at an end. If you have something, lay it on the table……..if you don’t, stop wasting your time, others’ time, and boat load of money.

I always knew this search would not be easy. The cure is not in aisle 7B as in a supermarket. But it’s out there. I’ve heard so many who have been in this battle for as long as I or longer state, I just can’t do it anymore, it’s a lie, a cure doesn’t exist.

I say, if not us being vocal about it, the sound will soon dwindle out to a mere echo of a noise within a seashell. If not us, who? I cannot stop pursuing that cure. I will challenge those in the research world across the globe. I do not mean to be disrespectful to anyone doing the work needed but the lives of my children are on the line here. If you are wasting one ounce of your energy doing something other than what you have been charged to do, you’re playing with the precious minutes of my children’s lives and with millions of others living with t1d.

My children deserve better. Please, in everything that is holy, give them your complete dedication. I ask you as a………………..

I am a diabetes dad.
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Many years ago (almost 40 now) when I spent several months in our then major kids hospital with my son newly diagnosed with t1d, one of the educators teaching me how to deal with this lifetime condition explained that they were so well equipped because of the donations given by the PARENTS of the children who had been admitted into the hospital, she also told me that the ONLY people who were the movers and shakers and actually got things done were the PARENTS of the children who had spent time in the hospital. I am still moving and shaking after all these years here in Australia. Our combined voices across the globe will sound a gong that will be heard. Keep at it, keep going and never give up.

Give up, hell no never. I I have been at this business of diabetes for 46 years. I hate it, but i can live with it. I can also fight it. I will likely live pretty much the same as i have for the last 46years. I will not be cured, Likely the tech I have is pretty much what I will leave this world with. I am more than OK with that.

What I will never be OK with however, is sending this same burden to my grandchildren’s children. For that I will fight, oh and for the record, I think we are close.

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