The Doctor’s Visit……Oh My….Let us Know.

Doctor is inChanges everywhere when it comes to the care of our kids.  Enough to baffle the mind, don’t you think?

On any given day, you can make an appointment to see your Doctor. (NOTE OF IMPORTANCE: When ever you go to your 1-out-of-4 endocrinology appointments annually, make sure you make your appointment before you leave the office for your next appointment,; do not say “I’ll call you later when I check my schedule.”  The front desk hates it and you will not get the appointment in the timely manner you should so be ready at your appointment to schedule the next.).  Over years the times have changed from what used to be a one-on-one appointment WITH your doctor to visiting, what now seems like a city, called ‘a practice’.

These days, do you see your Doctor, and if so, for how long?  After you get passed around from different members of the office, kindly share with us who you see the most and how engaging is the conversation?

PA, Nurse Educator, Doctor, are any of them or all of them Certified Diabetes Educators as well?  Have you ever asked?

Is there a dietician, has anyone suggested a dietician; or to see a diabetes educator?  Are they on staff or outside the practice?

So kindly let us know your experience “…at the doctor’s office.”  Please DO NOT use any of the names of the Doctor’s or the name of the Practice; but a city might be interesting to see.

Please also let us know if what you encounter is good, bad, and how you moved forward.  This is not merely a ‘gripe’ session but rather a way your experiences may help others.  Those who have been at this while, what changes have you seen?

So folks, vent, praise, complain, send accolades but let’s hear it about your experiences at your Doctor’s offices and what you did about it……it could be a great help to others.

I am a Diabetes Dad.