The Doctor’s Visit……Oh My….Let us Know.

Doctor is inChanges everywhere when it comes to the care of our kids.  Enough to baffle the mind, don’t you think?

On any given day, you can make an appointment to see your Doctor. (NOTE OF IMPORTANCE: When ever you go to your 1-out-of-4 endocrinology appointments annually, make sure you make your appointment before you leave the office for your next appointment,; do not say “I’ll call you later when I check my schedule.”  The front desk hates it and you will not get the appointment in the timely manner you should so be ready at your appointment to schedule the next.).  Over years the times have changed from what used to be a one-on-one appointment WITH your doctor to visiting, what now seems like a city, called ‘a practice’.

These days, do you see your Doctor, and if so, for how long?  After you get passed around from different members of the office, kindly share with us who you see the most and how engaging is the conversation?

PA, Nurse Educator, Doctor, are any of them or all of them Certified Diabetes Educators as well?  Have you ever asked?

Is there a dietician, has anyone suggested a dietician; or to see a diabetes educator?  Are they on staff or outside the practice?

So kindly let us know your experience “…at the doctor’s office.”  Please DO NOT use any of the names of the Doctor’s or the name of the Practice; but a city might be interesting to see.

Please also let us know if what you encounter is good, bad, and how you moved forward.  This is not merely a ‘gripe’ session but rather a way your experiences may help others.  Those who have been at this while, what changes have you seen?

So folks, vent, praise, complain, send accolades but let’s hear it about your experiences at your Doctor’s offices and what you did about it……it could be a great help to others.

I am a Diabetes Dad.

Newly DX–Large Keytones–Vomiting–Over 420–What do I do?


I saw this post recently.

I was astounded reading through the many responses of the people who were trying to help this poor mother.

I get it.  We want to help.

But the only acceptable answer is to get in touch with your medical team ASAP and you need to do it now.   Answers as in: This happened to my child and I…….; What you need to do is give your child……; Get used to this, here is what you need to do….; are just completely unacceptable.

If we are all in agreement that diabetes can be followed minute by minute from one day to the next with completely different results with our own lives; what makes anyone at all sure that the way diabetes impacts your child is the same way diabetes will impact another?

There is no thin line to be walked here.  When it comes to medical advice about how diabetes plays a role in anyone’s life—-it is never a substitute for the only correct answer: Contact your doctor NOW.

It happened again when another parent thought their child without diabetes ‘tested high’.  One person actually wrote that they wouldn’t worry about it as even people without diabetes will spike.  Really?  I’m glad we didn’t listen to that advice or my second child diagnosed may not have been around to tell the story.  In as much as that may be true in MANY cases it is not an absolute.  If someone is concerned about anything regarding their child the only acceptable advice is, “make an appointment and find out.”

Even if it is ‘inconclusive results’, it is still better than someone else’s ‘guess’ from miles away with an online post, don’t you agree?  What if that parent said; “Oh good, I can relax”, and they do not make an appointment and within 24 hours they are in ketoacidosis at a hospital…….do you REALLY want that on your conscience?

I am not talking about good sound advice from experience such as which pump you like and why; or what to do at a party so your child feels included; or any other of the millions of questions we all have pertaining to diabetes;  the experience of others is invaluable.

But anytime there is a medical question we all need to get in the habit of saying/answering online, “…….here is my experience with this and it may differ greatly from yours (state what you know); get your medical professional involved now to be sure because I’m not a Doctor and your child needs a medical opinion with this situation ASAP.”

The best advice is getting people to those who can render a professional opinion…..anything else is Russian Roulette. In most cases, maybe even 99%, given advice may be correct.  If you would not take a 1% chance with your child….do not take the chance with someone else.  Medical professionals should be the only ones giving medical advice.  Period.

I’m a Diabetesdad