PART II—PLEASE READ AND SHARE: Child Diagnosed at Death…..Need Your Help……Even if YOUR CHILD was Close.

Let's GoI wrote earlier today about having a good lead to help educate Family Physicians on looking more closely for diagnosis of diabetes before allowing misdiagnosis.

Someone stated that I should not just include Diagnosis at Death….and I fully agree.

If your doctor (no names please) missed the diagnosis of your child’s T1 diabetes when they showed symptoms of the flu or something else….please share your story.

Sent to and in the subject line please write ‘Parent’s Story’.  Including State and pertinent information, share your feeling as well.  PLEASE ONLY SHARE YOUR STORY IF YOU WENT FOR AN INITIAL DOCTOR’S VISIT AND THEY MIS-DIAGNOSED YOUR CHILD AND SENT YOU ON YOUR WAY.  Thank you all….these will add powerful testaments.

Thank you ‘Megan’ so much for chiming in with this idea.

I am a diabetes dad.

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Child Diagnosed at Death; Thought it was the Flu….Now Let’s do Something about it….Need YOUR Help!!!!

Let's GoI need your help.

I am in discussions with someone who might help educate Family Physicians (Pediatricians would be next) on a fairly large-scale to administer a protocol for (at least) a urine sample when symptoms in any shape or form resemble a possible T1 diabetes diagnosis (whether it be flu, sever back aches etc etc).  At the very least it could/might be an education campaign; our discussions are in the very early stages but my contact is very interested in helping,

What I need from you.

I am trying to collect every media story I can for any child diagnosed with T1 diabetes upon their death.

Please send to and in the subject line please write, “Media”.  Do not assume that it was so popular that I probably received already.  I need to create a case for the person I’m speaking to and I could use your help.  Do not send any stories/links prior to January 1, 2008.

Let;s start to change this once and for all.  No child should die upon diagnosis right after seeing their family doctor.  No Child.

Thank you.

I am a diabetes dad.

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Girl Who Died from Diabetes–Court Upholds Parents’ Conviction of Homicide!

death young ladyCan anyone on this living earth shine a light to help me understand this type of behavior in any shape or form?   Anger just does not adequately describe my feelings on this at all!!!!

Why did this beautiful young lady need to go through this?????

This story comes from Madison, WI.
A mother and father who prayed instead of seeking medical help as their daughter died in front of them were properly convicted of homicide, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled Wednesday.

Eleven-year-old Madeline Kara Neumann died of undiagnosed diabetes on Easter Sunday in March 2008 at home in the central Wisconsin village of Weston. Prosecutors said her parents, Dale and Leilani Neumann, ignored obvious symptoms of severe illness as Kara became too weak to speak, eat, drink or walk, choosing to pray rather than take her to a doctor.

The Supreme Court’s decision said the Neumanns don’t belong to any organized church but believe visiting a doctor amounts to worshipping an idol rather than God.

Read the entire story here.


This beautiful young lady is gone for THIS REASON? 

Sometimes I’m left to only shake my head and realize the more I am around, the more I just might see everything there is to see.   This is just all sooooo sad.  I cannot even bring myself to discuss the court’s ruling; I’m too upset by how we got to this point.

I will listen to an explanation if someone has one….I really will….so please share if you have any insight.  But as of now……..I. Just. Do. Not. Understand.


I am a diabetes dad.

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This is About Dying in the Middle of the Night….LETS TALK: We Need to Help Each Other.


blue candleThis is a discussion, a tough discussion, but hiding from it WILL NOT MAKE IT go away.

When I read a comment like; “….my child was diagnosed a year ago and I set my alarm to wake up 3-5 times to check, just to be sure……”; I am compelled to say something.  And there are other comments like this that I have read.  A dialogue should be had, and I seek input on this difficult subject from our community.

This may be tough to read but perhaps we can all help each other.

The rules:  There is no right or wrong—-anyone can say anything.  This is for all of us to learn.  What do you think, what do you feel, and what do you do?  Please ‘reply’ here and not on the FB page so all can read. 

To be very clear, if you feel you must wake up numerous times than the call is always yours.  Is it wrong or right has to be your decision.  But as the late (and great) Dr. Richard Rubin taught me; everything is a balance.

How long can ANYone wake up 5 times a night?  There is a balance and you should discuss with someone who can advise you. 

Can our children die in the middle of the night from a glycemic reaction?  Yes.

Is diabetes a disease that can cause this?  Yes.

The balance must be found to know how to monitor. to the best of our ability, a point where we feel comfortable that we do not to stand over their bed.

I, (me, my opinion only) always felt that giving my kids the keys to the car was one of the scariest times in my life.  I hate cars.  They kill.  I mean really kill.  It was an absolute fear.  I have picked up enough bodies from my firematic days, and seen the horrors enough time.  I fear them.  I hate them.

Got it?

I also know that getting your license is a rite of passage.  I needed to find a balance and i searched high and low for it. 

FOR US, diabetes through the night is the same thing.  It is a struggle, it is a balance.  It is finding when can one person wake up; when can another. 

I have said this a thousand times; we can and do not live in that fear.  To we recognize it?  Absolutely.   We (and I include my children in this) do not live in the fear of dying in the middle of the night.

I am speaking from conversations that I have had with them.  Are they afraid that it could happen?  You bet.  They respect the fact.

Let me say that again, they respect the fact.   That means that they do what they do; we do what we do; all to take te steps to make sure that it doesn’t happen.

But it is not a life of fear.  We do not ‘just think’ they will wake up if they are low.  We check. We take turns. 

I cannot tell you the ‘routine’ that you need to find.  I JUST CANNOT TELL YOU WHAT YOU CAN DO….but I can share with you to start to find the balance.  If you live by the fact that YOU MUST wake up 5 times a night; I will not tell you not to do that because you will not hear me—-I will tell you that you should start to discuss with others. 

Why do some people wake up once a night and seem okay about it?  Do people who lost a child wish they did things differently? 

Today’s article is to commence a dialogue; not to tell anyone what they are doing wrong.  I seek input from EVERYone so people know how to find that balance.

Good luck to all of us as we battle this ugly monster.  Please share what you feel.

I am a diabetes dad.

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