Could Very Well Be The BEST Video You will Ever See…….Share It!!!!!!

Wow 1A friend of mine sent this to me.  I could not speak for a good while after I saw it.  With so much ‘bad’ being shared about our youth, this one will open your eyes AND YOUR heart. 

Without a doubt, one of the most powerful videos you will ever see.

Watch it.

Enjoy it.

Share it.

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No D**bet*s Blog Day—Two Videos to Watch and Feel Good.

In Honor of a Blog where I cannot mention the “D” word; I decided to give you some videos that have made me feel good.   The first one is from Singing in the Rain and so taxing was this number on Donald O’Connor that he missed his next scheduled film and the role was given to Danny Kaye.  That film was White Christmas.  From SInging in the Rain, enjoy “Make them Laugh”.


And for you underdog fans.  Having virtually no chance to win a gold medal at the 2002 Winter Olympics being in 4th place after the short program; this young lady from Long Island went out and skated the routine of a lifetime.  That ‘no chance’ turned out that Sarah’s stars aligned perfectly and she indeed took home the gold.  Enjoy the ‘routine of a lifetime’ –Sarah Hughes.

Hope you enjoyed No D**bet*s Blog Day.

I am a D**bet*s Dad