Do You Dance?


Every summer thousands of young ladies attempt to be part of the Rockettes Super Intensive (RSI) program.  “Super”–beyond the norm.  More intense than intense.

Those who are accepted are challenged to push beyond their limits of dance endurance.  Dare I say even ‘breathing endurance’.   And when they are finished…..they are challenged to push themselves even harder.  They push and push and maybe, perhaps, they might even be asked to audition for the actual Rockette line.

Their sweat pushes off their bodies and the unrelenting instructor pushes the timing, the quickness, and of course that world-famous precision.

Discipline and strength beyond human endurance just to get a feel what it is like to be ‘that’ precise; ‘that’ good, and full of ‘that’ much confidence…..all in one week to feel a little like a Rockette.   Thousands want it, few get the opportunity.

Would we ever take our (or our children’s) diabetes ‘that’ seriously?  Rockettes Super Intensive seriously?

And in this RSI session is a young lady named Lauren.  She wants to be a Rockette so badly she can taste the idea of becoming one.  And yet, she is part of RSI and she IS DOING it with type 1 diabetes.  How serious do you think she must be with her diabetes?  

Today I’m humbled.  Her story is an incredible one, she is a young lady but she is a child too.  People with diabetes are incredible; they do everything with the intensity of a Rockette; they have to–the kickline of their lives depend on it.

I’m a Diabetesdad.