As Long as They’re Healthy………Are They?

How many times have we heard the phrase, “Well at least they’re healthy”?  Does the answer just roll out of your mouth or does it stick to the roof of your mouth before the words pour out?

To be completely honest with you, I have NEVER been able to answer this statement without it rolling around in my brain for some time after I hear it, and worse when I say it regarding my kids.  I mean, outside the diabetes?  With diabetes?  Are they ‘healthy’?

What is healthy?  How can one say, “….. well outside my kids’ diabetes, yeah they’re healthy” is as awkward as it sounds.  Should we acknowledge the inclusion; or the exclusion of a disease that so many count as horrendous?  So many more move on as if it doesn’t even exist.  Remember the old sick joke, “Outside of that Mrs. Lincoln, did you enjoy the show?”

I’m not trying to be flip, t’s just that I do not know how to separate my children’s attachment to this disease answering a question that for the most part is asked as a rhetoric, ‘How are you?”

How do the people who actually live with diabetes feel about this question.  When people ask you, “How are you?’  Do you just say, “Fine”.  But more than what you say out loud, how do you feel inside when asked that question?  I would love to know.

I’ve had asthma for years.  I cannot go anywhere without my inhaler.  But when someone asks my, I never give it a second thought; “I feel fine”.  There is not a ‘but’ or ‘if’; if I feel fine I say I never giving asthma the time of day—-not even a thought.

Is diabetes thought of in the same way?

It makes the education of diabetes tough when most look so good living with it and I have written about his before.  As I stated, I do not have an answer for this, on this, or about this?  If you have diabetes………………….are/can you be considered; healthy?
I am a diabetes dad.
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6 thoughts on “As Long as They’re Healthy………Are They?

  1. As a mom of a type 1, my response was then and still, sort of, is, “At least we know what it IS that was showing something was ‘wrong’ with her.” This is because we had just had two close friends with childhood leukemia fighting for their lives, in addition to being put on a children’s ward in the hospital beside a room with a child fighting a losing battle with cancer, and hearing the parent say they won’t be going back home with their child. At that point, I knew I would hate diabetes in our lives, but at least we knew what “it” was and had hope that we knew what we had to do to “deal” with it. (some of these terms were/are used loosely, as this new life didn’t come with proper vocabulary for us). I wouldn’t necessarily say my daughter is “healthy” but she’s healthy (followed by the unsaid words, as one can BE with diabetes).

  2. Yes when people would ask how my daughter is , I would say. Well what time is it. Back then I worried that her NPH was peeking and she never finished her lunch at school.

  3. Mom of a 16 y.o. T1D here- who’s had diabetes for 15 years. Right now? At this moment? She’s healthy. In her room, writing a history paper, waiting for dinner.
    But her healthy-to-unhealthy scale is in a much more delicate balance, and tips more frequently, than those of most of her peers.The unhealthy moments- lows, extended highs with ketones, longer than average recoveries from standard ailments- can come at any time. It requires extraordinary effort to keep that scale balanced at ‘healthy,’ both short-term and long-term.

  4. As a 43-year person with diabetes and a host of other stuff, I always say I am as healthy as God made me. Sure, I am not as health as others I know, and I am way healthier than many others. Perspective is everything. When you live with autoimmune conditions, I think we are as healthy as the day we are born.

    Besides, I am a better husband, father, son, citizen and man because i have this stuff. Saying that and meaning it, that is the healthiest thing in the world.

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