My Sunday dHero…..artistic license please…..Heroes in a Hurricane

 The winds are beginning to pick up out side.  The rain will start shortly.

It is  clear that the picture I provided today is one from long ago.  It is how we remember our kids no matter how old they are ( I tell everyone it is Jill’s first husband).   I was much younger too.

But with one of the worst storms in recent memory making its way up the coast for a direct slam into Long Island….during the height of the danger….during the height of uncertainty…I know where these two babies will be. 

They are much older now—T.J. is 25; a no-nonsense kind of man who is strong when he needs to be and gentle when the time is right.  He is in our neighborhood  fire department and he has eaten smoke; he has even saved a cat from a tree.

Kaitlyn is 22 and on our volunteer ambulance company serving our community as an EMT.  Her knowledge runs deep and her service is exhausting to witness.

Hurricane Sandy surges and my two oldest will be in harm’s way.  They will do it willingly, they will do it until they are not needed.  People will be running FROM impacted areas; Kaitlyn and TJ will be running TOWARD them.  Kaitlyn will be doing it the whole time managing her diabetes.  She understands the ramifications of anything but good control at these crucial times…..she does not waver.

They will be with others who also are laying it all on the line for others….all are heroes.

So my Sunday dHero this weekend, if it is okay with all of you, are my two oldest children T.J. and Kaitlyn——God keep them safe over the next few days.  I love them to no end.  They are not only my Sunday dHeroes—-they are my heroes everyday for doing what so many cannot.  If they fear, they show it not–this is about helping others.  Godspeed my children and bless you, and those like you, for caring so much during Hurricane Sandy’s wrath.

I am a diabetesdad

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