The Story of a Mom Being Helped by a Mom…….Merely by Being Involved.

two momsBrenda Novak is a New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author.  Each May she organizes and runs an incredible online auction.  Just about anything you can think of is available from trips to having your writings critiqued by the industry’s top agents and editors, and so much more.

Little did Brenda know that when she started this that she might very well end up saving a child’s life.

Lauren Hawkeye Jameson is a writing-friend of Brenda’s who, also, is very successful.  Lauren has been a huge supporter of Brenda’s auction for years.  Just a few short months ago, Lauren’s son Ben was diagnosed with type one diabetes.  Lauren was familiar with the warning signs and sent Brenda a text at the first sign of what she noticed. 

Lauren knew what to do and now Ben is on insulin like Thad (Brenda’s son), and Kaitlyn and Rob (my two kids), and the millions more like them.  I’m sure Lauren NEVER thought for one second that this could happen to her and her family when she first starting supporting Brenda and her incredible auction.


Education straight out there, through discussions, and even through events is just that; education.  Thank heavens Lauren was aware.

I started to write this article to encourage you to go to Brenda’s auction which is going on right now; which has raised over 1.6 million dollars for diabetes research.  She hopes to go over the 2.0 million mark this year.   When I heard of Lauren’s story I had to include it.

We just never know do we?

Help Brenda and Lauren and the DRI by taking a look at the auction site of Brenda Novak; there is surely enough for everyone. 

Click here for Brenda Novak’s Auction Site

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