Memorial Day—-A Reminder Worth Sharing

Soldier FlagProbably three of the most important men in my life served in our military.  My dad and my father-in-law served in World War II, and my brother-in-law served in Viet Nam.  All three are gone now, and are laid to rest in a national cemetery on Long Island called Calverton.  They served our country and we remember them on Veterans day, this weekend is different.

This weekend is Memorial Day.  I know, it is the beginning of summer.  I know it will be full of hotdogs and b-b-q fires; but take a moment; albeit a brief moment, and remember the day.

Memorial Day is an important day because it is to remember those who died while serving our country.  Dad, Joe, and Joel certainly gave me a huge amount of respect for those who served, but they came home.  So many more did not.  On this memorial weekend, will people even lower flags in honor of those fallen soldiers who did not come home.

I bet you can tell me a story that you read this month about a movie star or a celebrity, and yet, so far this month 3 people have died while serving this country in what is known as “The War on Terror” or “Operation Enduring Freedom”—it doesn’t matter the name, it was war; did you know any of their names?  Did you read anything about them in any newspaper?  Did we stop, even for a second, and say a prayer for them and their families?  Did we even know?

They deserve more from us, don’t you think?

The people who die while in service to this country are revealed to us in statistics.  Three killed one month, five killed in another.  But in each case, their bodies were shipped to a home town somewhere, a family came to greet the fallen soldier, a mom-dad-wife-sister-brother touched the casket as it came off the plane, lives were shattered, tears were shed, and lives were changed forever.


Whether you think war is right or wrong, whether you think war is all about money and politics, whether you agree or disagree with any war, know this; someone DID MAKE THE CHOICE to enter the armed services because they believed the ideas and ideals for which America stands are worth defending……..and sometimes defending to their very death.  They believed that!

And that deserves a moment, just one moment this weekend to remember they did that and we did not—even for a brief moment; before you enjoy a bite into that hot dog.

It is the least we can do, remember.

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