Take 2: Be Aware that it MAY NOT Be Diabetes Related

Child acting differentWhen your child is diagnosed with diabetes, it seems as if the world becomes a bit unraveled.  There is certainly much that happens and can happen after diagnosis but it is important to remember that just because diabetes is in your life, it does not mean that life will leave you alone and diabetes will be the only thing you will have to deal with.

I share this with you because I remember the story of a mom I knew. Shortly after her child was diagnosed with diabetes; her child became very disruptive and argumentative which was hugely uncharacteristic for her life-loving five year-old. Tantrums, throwing things, and hitting all became the new rule of the day and for the longest time she kept telling herself it was because diabetes became the new normal.

It wasn’t until a friend said to her that her child was displaying many of the same symptoms that her child displayed was diagnosed with something that needed attention.

Now some things certainly will happen with the swings from low to high and back again; but be careful not to blame everything on diabetes.  We become keenly aware when our kids run high and/or low; but if anything else becomes apparent in their lives that was not there before, trust your instinct.

Remember also that there is a spectrum of mental health diseases that could become evident in your child’s life as they grow. I would ask ANYONE who has had experience, you would do a great service to others, if you could share what happened in your life.

I ask that, warning the reader, that not every lump is cancerous.  Meaning that just because you read it DOES NOT mean it will happen but if just one person says, “Wow, that sounds like my child, I should have it checked out”, we would have accomplished what we wanted today.

Now nothing here would be medical advice but if you could share what happened in your life, and what specialist you took your child, it could help someone else.  Be aware, sometimes we have to stop ourselves and “take 2”; step back, be objective and say—-something else could be going on here and act on it.  The worst thing, is denial.

I am a diabetes dad.

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