Ever Heard this from a Relative: “Hey, Did You Know……..???”

AaarghDo you think that people who live with other diseases are approached by relatives and friends with what they read last night about the latest organic, drink, pill, fruit, root, and/or remedy that if taken will get rid of their disease.

I never remember, when my dad was dealing with Alzheimer’s, that anyone had any ‘GREAT’ advice for us to rid the ailment in one swoop of a drink or pill.  Why do I, not only hear of, but hear of OFTEN, someone’s new take on what I ‘MUST DO TO HELP MY KIDS; HERE CHEW ON THIS ROOT”?

Do you find your self saying, “AAARGH…..stop with the ‘useful information.”

Mike Hoskins writes today in Diabetes Mine about the bionic pancreas and how a friend from college asks if he ‘knew about it’, once it hit the mainstream press around the time of the recent ADA Scientific sessions in San Francisco.

I find this humorous for if there is anything happening in the diabetes world, I would bet my last dollar that Mike is pretty aware of it.  But yet even he is contacted by a friend just ‘letting him know’ what is ‘new’ in the world.

Do not get me wrong, it’s FABULOUS that our friends and relatives are trying to keep us ‘up-to-date’ when they read about diabetes ‘in the news’ and it’s always good to hear that people care enough that when they read something it resonates with them enough to pass it along to us, ‘just in case’.

I just always find that if it is a “MUST SEE’ item,  it usually comes with a saying or sentence that sounds like this:
“Hey, did you see this????” (Probably—we are a little more in tune than most)
“You must try this.”  (Uhm….no….not really)
“I tried this on my dog, and it worked….good luck with it.” (seriously… comment)

Want to make someone in the diabetes word cringe….here it comes… for it…..just ask, “Hey have you ever tried cinnamon?”   Bet you cringed, didn’t you????—-we heard it all before.

I have read where people become angry in dealing with this phenomena of ‘Hey have you heard……” from friends and relatives.  There is much to get angry at in this world on any given day, when someone starts this with you try to translate WHATEVER they are saying in your own head as…….”Hey, I thought of you last night when I read this.”  Disregard the nonsense that will usually come afterwards……..just know that they care.

Like I said, no one came to me when dad was dealing with Alzheimer’s……I like the fact that people at least ‘try’ when it comes to diabetes.  And the end of the day, it is always good to know SOMEone is thinking of us than to hear nothing……..well sometimes…..right?

I am a diabetes dad.

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One reply on “Ever Heard this from a Relative: “Hey, Did You Know……..???””

Yup, I agree. Not angry. Weary maybe. But I know these people mean well, and it means that I am loved. I had no fewer than a half dozen friends post the mainstream news article links about the bionic pancreas on my Facebook wall when it hit.

I just kept replying, “Yeah! Isn’t that great? We are so hopeful!”

What else can you say?

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