YUP!!!!!!! THAT Choice is all YOURS!!!!!!!

Thnk positiveEver notice that there are some people who seem to have gravitated to the act that diabetes is in their life but it does not run/ruin (the only difference between run and ruin is “I”–think about it) their life?  When did that happen?

These people usually have a very positive outlook and it seems that no matter what is thrown in their path, they stay on a positive.  How is that?

I can tell you that even the most positive person has days that they would rather forget.  What I find most interesting is that those who live on the positive-side will tell you that they just decided that diabetes would no longer ‘win’ in their lives.  That may sound easier said than done, and it takes time and practice but I can tell you that the choice is all yours.

There is no magic way of doing things to stay positive, it’s just deciding one day that you, your family, the way you live, will just no longer be controlled by diabetes.  That is not to say it is such a huge factor in our lives, it is; but as my daughter stated a long time ago, “I have diabetes, diabetes is not who I am”.

When I heard her say that in 1999, it was a defining moment for me.  If she was not going to let it run her life, than that would be the mantra of the entire family.  It’s here, there is nothing we could do about that; but how it is treated, well, THAT is something we have a choice.

To be clear, I am speaking from a parent’s point of view and not someone who has diabetes.  But whether you have it, or you are a parent of a child who has it, you can make the call.  Being positive is a process.  There is nothing ‘good’ about having diabetes but realizing many things in your life that ARE GOOD, and appreciating the fact that life is life and we all ‘have something’, is a good start on understanding how to control how much of your life diabetes takes.

People have it worse.  People have it better.  When our second child was diagnosed so many people said, “I could never deal with that”.  Well you could, because if it happened, you would.  It is truly that simple.

You can walk around with your head down and telling everyone how miserable life is; and that is exactly what you will get………miserable.  Start looking around and realize how great things are, it is what many of us do who choose to be positive.  Every morning when I am at home, I look out my bedroom window when I first wake up.  It is at the moment each day I realize a new day is here and with it, possibility.  I actually do this each day.

Try doing something small to start off.  Tell yourself why it will be a good day.  It will not always work out that way, but START your day saying…….today can be a good day.

And move forward.  Find the good…..because the bad will surely try to find you.  What do you do to stay positive?

I am a diabetes dad.

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