You Heard What!!!!!! From Who?????!!!!!

say_what“Oh we’ve heard people say that and also our doctor told us to do it, but we just could not ask our little one to do that because she never did before.  We haven’t done it yet, and we’re fine so far.”

Sound at all familiar?  The ‘it’ I will leave for you to ‘fill in’ because I do not want to ‘finite the discussion’ here.  There are things that are done and advised that people, and for the life of me I do not know why, think they are absolved from the possibility of paying a price for; just because THEY THINK it is okay to do.

You may ‘think’ wearing a seatbelt is a major inconvenience and you may say that you never wore one and don’t need to; but it is only THAT once where you will pay the price.

My point; you can talk yourself out of doing anything.  When it comes to diabetes, be really careful that you are always looking for answers and not merely answers you want to hear.  There is a difference and be very careful how you approach a search.

Because someone is loud, strong, or persuasive……..does not mean they are correct.  Know that if you hear or read a group of people all in unison about a particular subject, and there is no opposing side, it may not just be that everyone agrees; it very well may be that those who feel differently do not want to get into a discussion/ argument about the topic.

Ever hear the saying, “I read it, it was printed in the newspaper, it’s got to be true.”  Well we all know now that what is printed is not always the truth……and sometimes it has been proven to be a direct lie.

You may find 46 people who all agree that wearing a seatbelt is a choice for the driver that does not really matter.  You may find 46 people who will tell you that there grandpa smoked until they were 101.  You may find 46 people who will tell you that it does not matter one way or the other if you wear a helmet or not.  But statistics are very clear on guiding one to the correct choice, even though in the end—it is your call.  It always is.  You will always find what you want to hear.   It does not make it a fact.  Know this.

It always comes down to doing your homework.  I have witnessed, at times, people asking more questions about buying an entertainment item than buying a diabetes management tool, or making a decision on ‘something diabetes related’.  Ask many questions, but always include the experts as well.  And even the ‘experts’ won’t be 100% right.  Read.  Read.  Read.  In this day and age you have a library of information, use it.  If you ‘do your homework’, speak to a large number and wide range of people, you will come to an answer you are comfortable with; and THAT is what it is all about.

No one person knows it all……….but don’t take my word on that…….ask around.

I am a diabetes dad.

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Tom, your posts are always great! You are a great thinker, and author. Have you written a book? If not, I think you should. This post gives great advice, thanks!

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