If You DO NOT have T1; Do you Really Know what SICK Even Means?

Ice ppackWow……what a crappy couple of days.  This summer-fever-cold-flu-knock-you-on-you-butt gripped me but good.

As I laid in bed looking at the ceiling, I had one thought that I could not shake.  I did not want to bother with anything.  Leave me alone.  Don’t whisper.  Don’t say my name.  Don’t touch me. Don’t bring me soup.  Just leave me alone.

First of all, those thoughts were with myself and not said, it was what made me post on FB what a baby we, men, can be. I knew better to keep them to myself.  Seems a few agreed with me.  🙂

But my thought was, in the middle of all of this; what if I had T1 diabetes as well?  I have always stated that we always have to be ready to learn something at any given moment.  This was one of those moments.

My goodness.  To feel so crappy and have to check a blood sugar, much less change a site, oy…… unfair is that?  To deal with all of ‘this’ and still have diabetes management on top of that, balancing numbers, eating (yeeeech), not eating……my oh my; what a whirlwind.

Yes, we discuss all the time what it is like to have diabetes and yet, I’m constantly given reminders that as much as we can say, or try, if we don’t have it, we will never understand it.  We won’t even have a clue.

So to my friends who live with this disease, again, I am so sorry that you have to put up with so much, even when you don’t want to–that lesson was made crystal clear to me………AGAIN!!!!!  Another reason to get back to work and try to rid it forever.


I am a diabetes dad.

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4 replies on “If You DO NOT have T1; Do you Really Know what SICK Even Means?”

Hmmm, I guess for me, it just comes down to we do it because we have to. Just like many others dealing with all sorts of things in their lives. But thank you for writing this – it’s really nice to hear some compassion sometimes. 🙂


Tom you may be right in saying you don’t have it and never will fully understand it. But I believe you understand far more than you give yourself credit for, and “to know what it is that you don’t know” is a truly admirable trait… and for that, and for the goals you are working to achieve, I thank and applaud you.

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