AP/Bionic Pancreas or a Cure????? Whoever said it was an ‘OR’???

andI have always found it very interesting listening or reading the discussions regarding research and regarding management tools.  Somewhere, somehow, the word got out there that some things are an ‘either’/’or’ decision.

Are they?

If it is all the same to anyone else, I am waiting and holding my breath for the AP and/or bionic pancreas to be in practical, every day, use…..who wouldn’t?  I go back a long way and if there is one thing I learned, nothing is a cure until it is a cure.  Management tools are just that….management tools.  I’m hard pressed to think any mechanical device is going to allow any of us to just be on ‘auto pilot’ and not have some sort of interaction.  But they could surely help, wouldn’t they?

This may be hard to believe but the insulin pumps were touted the same way.  Not a cure but the closest thing to it to help manage diabetes.  DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND ME…..these are crucial tools and I do not give a dang who gets there first, but that we GET THERE.  Our kids could surely use all of the help we can get.

Research.  And as always I remind you, I work at the DRI and I clearly have my beliefs; but if a pouch, a band-aid, a biohub, a company, a researcher, a project, a team, a person or whomever gets my children to our definition of a biological cure……I don’t give a dang who gets there first but that we GET THERE.

All of the research in everything diabetes out there is very exciting TO ME.  I do not think we should force our opinions on others.  I always try to stay the course, “Looks like it might be something, we have to wait and see.”   I, for one, am ecstatic that I see so many projects going on; and you should too.   How sad would it be if we only saw all of these other disease-states making advances and nothing was happening in our world of type 1 diabetes.  I’ll SAY THAT again; how sad would it be if we were not hearing about ANYthing going on in our diabetes world.

Look around you…….there’s much happening.

I love to see so many trying to get the ‘step ahead’.  I, like you, have my opinions on what I read, what I see, and how I show support.  You should too.   If you believe in something strongly enough, support it.  And if someone else supports something else, embrace that too with the respect it deserves.

Until my child has an AP/Bionic Pancreas or whatever is the next/best management tool; I pray for the wisdom to come to those working on it to GET IT across the finish line.  Until my children do not have to worry about…….well everything to do with diabetes……I pray for the wisdom to come to those working on THAT to get it across the finish line as well.

Dame Carol Lurie and I were surely opposites in the organizations we supported and have supported over the years.  I paid special tribute to her on her passing.  She was a powerhouse.  She sent me a note once and I will long remember how she signed it; simply, “….see you at the finish line.  –CL”

We are all strong enough to make up our minds who we support and how; let’s continue to grasp that ANY MANAGEMENT TOOL is welcomed as we strive for a cure for this disease once and for all.  Welcome that……..accept that…….embrace that.  There is no replacement for our wish/drive for a cure…….but there is also no replacement for the best management tools until such time exists.  They are not one over the other…….they are one AND the other. They are not exclusive of each other……they are directly related, together, to our kids and to those who live with diabetes every day. And whoever, whatever you support…..well……I’ll see you at the finish line.  And what a day that will be.

I am a diabetes dad.

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