The Dangers to Assume…….ANYTHING!!!!!!

odd coup;eWe live in a word where if you fall into the ‘assume trap’ you could be asking for real trouble.  We all remember that wonderful episode of the Odd Couple when Felix represents himself in court and his ‘witness’ uses the word ‘assume’.  It’s under a minute and worth the laugh….click here to see it.

In a more serious context, assuming is a very dangerous game when it comes to your child’s diabetes and one must always be on guard.  I read a wonderful story recently.  The story itself was scary actually, but what was wonderful was ‘mom’.  A child was undergoing surgery and every step of the way this mom asked each team member if they were aware of the child’s diabetes.  Many, sadly, were not.

Mom clearly was assuming…….well…….nothing.

As different specialists were bought in for the surgery (anesthesiologist etc). she ran down her check list and when she was met with “No, I was not told your child had diabetes”, this incredible mom was armed and ready.

Don’t assume your school knows what to do when there is a substitute teacher.  When your child comes home and informs you that a substitute was in, at some point over the next 24 hours touch upon the diabetes aspect and see if you can find out how the day was handled.  Do not assume that all you worked on with the school was passed to the substitute teacher.

Don’t always assume friends and relatives understand your child’s diabetes as well as you think they do.  Have a list of things that needed to be tended to; you will feel better about leaving your child if there is a reference guide for whomever will be with your child while you are away.

Don’t assume that because you ‘read it’ somewhere that it is the truth.  I’m amazed with what people say sometimes having really no idea of what they are saying.  Taking this way outside the box, we all pretty much know that cinnamon will not cure diabetes.   And yet, someone is always out there touting that it can.  That is an easy one but be wary of what people say; and do your own homework to find out the truth…… anything you hear or read……do not assume……the clip tells you why.

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