When it Comes to Diabetes……There is NO HUMOR in this matter.

Little boy peeingSay the word ‘pee’ in a group of kids and snickering will surely follow.  Peeing, all need to do it, and we all do it.  When I lecture in grammar school classrooms and I say that constant urination, or peeing, is on ‘the list’ dealing with diabetes; snickering starts.

I hit the snickering dead to rights.  We talk about peeing for a little bit, starting with just a little humor, but saying it enough times and having them say it a few times….and the humor is gone.  It becomes just a word.  It is a just a word….right?

Not to kids with diabetes……it can be a nightmare.  For both males and females.  It needs our attention.

Peeing is no ‘snickering matter’.  As a child gets older and peeing occurring from various levels of blood glucose numbers becomes more than a ‘not snickering’ moment—-it could become trouble.

Leaving the discussion of accidents aside, the psyche of a child who is in a junior high school or high school level and has to raise their hand to use the bathroom can be something that your child will have to deal with, and you should also, in advance.

Going to the bathroom, if it is not already, should be added to your child’s 504 (or other) health plan.  We made sure that each teacher knew that our kids had this right and by raising their hand with the ‘blue pass’ in their hand, we had the teachers understanding to the point that they would just nod to acknowledge that they saw it.  In later years, our kids  could just get up and go and the teachers knew what the situation was……and THAT was ideal.

It’s VERY IMPORTANT for our kids to know that ANYthing dealing with diabetes should never be something to take advantage of whether it be bathroom breaks, cell phones, and in all things with diabetes ‘special treatment’.  Do what is needed, and return to the classroom promptly.  The more your child respects these rules, the more the teachers will understand (in most cases).

Help your child along and make sure each teacher your child encounters in their day has someway of knowing that them getting up to go to the bathroom is okay.
This is something that, many times, does not get considered and it is something your children should not be left to deal with on their own.

Peer pressure is enough……clear the hurdle in advance……your child will be most appreciative.  Discuss it with your child, find out what they need, and work it out.

I am a diabetes dad.

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