R-E-S-P-E-C-T; Each Situation Warrants this Action Step!

RespectNone of us, NONE; have all the answers.

I’m the first one to say that each family/person needs to take control of their diabetes; and I will certainly push back when I need to when needed, but let’s be very clear about something; in as much as no one knows our children as much as we do—-there are many, many  medical professionals that are, and need to be, part of our team and THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

If they do not, find somewhere else but if we are not in a situation, let’s just not be so quick to throw the rope over the tree.  When someone shares 7 sentences on a situation and the reactions/comments/posts begin, I’m often amazed at the quick judgment.  Remember that whatever you write or say………that person may do exactly what you said (which is silly to think but know that they might) without all of the facts to consider.

One must always respect a situation or a professional.  No more, or less, than we ask them to respect us.  If you are not personally involved in a situation be very careful to offer a course of action.  I read one response recently, ‘Absolute violation of HIPAA’.  Uhm……not necessarily.  There are many papers signed as we create a medical plan in our schools for our kids and when I read that statement I thought, “Wow, I have a million questions, how did that person know that the action was a violation?”  A bit bold…and wrong…..don’t you think?

Now what if the person who stated the situation took that comment as gospel?  Now many might say that when anything is written or stated it is understood that it must be taken with a grain of salt; and that is a fair statement.  But I also would like to add, that when advice is given, it needs to be given with a grain of salt also.

You may not have all the details, facts, and/or angles of the situation to give a sound course of action.  Take a breath and ask, will this help, truly help; or do I just want my opinion heard?  We have to be very careful and remember that everyone does not think like you do.  Some may not take it all in and weigh everything.  We hope that they do, but they may not.

My point is simple.  Respect each situation and respect those involved.  If you need more information….ask.  There are wonderful resources for education out there and all of us take advantage of those opportunities.  We all must just take an extra step in making sure any advice…….is sound advice.

I am a diabetes dad.

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