Revisiting What Pisses Us Off Regarding Diabetes’ Stuff……Well, Maybe!!!

Pissed offWhy do I get so mad?   There have been times that I have ‘flown off the handle’ (where is THAT phrase from?) when I have heard someone, seen someone, or some entity, ‘getting it wrong’ about diabetes.  I’m the first one; sometimes the loudest; and sometimes immediately responding; when I have ‘seen this wrong’ done to say or write something.

Of late, I’ve been saying to myself…..why?

Lately, if a TV show, a comedian, a commercial, or wherever I see the ‘wrong’ facts, or the poor attempt at humor, regarding diabetes and it gets me so riled up, I ask myself…….why?  It’s one thing if someone ‘who-should-know’, gets it wrong……but from the outside the diabetes community I need a different approach.  There are too many things that REALLY DO need attention.

Oh, I will most assuredly wince when I hear it, and might even moan a little bit but clearly if a TV show screws it up, unless I’m going to give a full on-court press to correct this—–honestly—-I would rather spend my time doing things that are more important on the spectrum of things needing to get done.

I might still point it out.  I might even still write about it.  I still would like to find the time to create a best and worst of; in the diabetes world each year like the ‘Academy’ and ‘Razzies’ of the film world……but there are more important objectives I need to conquer.

More money, and faster work, for a cure.  More attention for better treatment and better tools in the diabetes toolbox.  An outreach to avoid DKA/death in diagnosis.  Helping kids (and parents) to better accept and manage their diabetes.  And of course to find the time to help those who ask me to help with their mission; when I’m able.

Sometimes we just need to prioritize what is important enough to raise our voices.  But that can change with how I feel in the moment.  I am, only human; ya’ know.  😉

I am a diabetes dad.

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