That Diabetes Campaign is SOOOOOOO Wrong……Says Who?

Editor’s Note: I felt compelled to remove this post to avoid any misunderstandings that may occur or may have occurred.  I was going to just remove it but people would want to know why so I decided to leave this note.

My article was written with/as ABSOLUTELY NO REACTION to any specific post/website/article presently in the DOC or online anywhere else.  Rather, it was written as a generic reminder to consider moving forward together, as many people undertake projects in November, Diabetes Awareness Month; and beyond.

After I saw the article being used, which is certainly people’s right to share; I just felt it best to remove it so there is/was no misunderstanding as to the intent of the article.

I’m removing it ONLY FOR THE reason to avoid any confusion.

Thank you for your understanding.  If anyone has any questions, PLEASE contact me directly.  Thank you.


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