Veterans Day……A Story of a Soldier with T1……..What? Really?

Mark-ThompsonThis being Veterans Day….it just seems to me that this incredible about Sgt. Mark Thompson, Army Sgt. First Class, seems both appropriate and inspiring to watch.  A man’s desire to serve his country is stopped………by nothing.  Listen very carefully to what happens when he lands and what he tells you about his device.   Just when you think this story is done, it flips and turns to horrendous.

None of that would get in the way of this incredible role model who shows us that no matter what happens…..forward is the best direction.

Happy Veterans Day to all who served………and THANK YOU.

Click here or on the picture to see this wonderful, nail-biting, and inspiring six-minute. video.  Hero in more ways than one.

I am a diabetes dad.

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6 replies on “Veterans Day……A Story of a Soldier with T1……..What? Really?”

Tom, thank you for this amazing story. 29 years ago this month our son was diagnosed with T1D. At 15 years of age, his biggest disappointment about having diabetes was not being able to enlist in the Air Force. His dream had always been to become a pilot. However, he did learn to fly by becoming a sky diver and then becoming a certified sky diving jump master.

Thank you so much for this amazing story. I am a diabetes mom. My 15 year old daughter was DX at 11 (3.5 years ago) she is struggling and has had bullying in high school due to being diabetic. So much is happening for her and she started in awesome control and is now not so much controlling it. I know as she gets older , being the spirited and tough girl she is, she will again be in control. This story gives me hope and encouragement that we will get through this tough time. Thank you for that. I have been struggling as well.

Hello! Do you per chance have any means of contacting Sgt. Thompson? My husband has been in the National Guard for 7 years and was recently diagnosed with Type 1, causing the Army to release him. We would love to get in touch with Sgt. Thompson to see if he can assist.
Thank you!

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