If Tomorrow is a One Shot Deal…….We’re Being Unfair to Our Kids!!!!!

Diabetes Blue CircleRecently I watched as one of my children entered the kitchen to handle their low.  As I noticed what was taken out of the refrigerator and the pantry, torn opened and consumed, I knew it was a low needing immediate attention.  When two of your kids have T1 and they are 24 and 19; trust me when I say that you have to become very good at watching from the sidelines.  Ready-to-go-nonetheless; but clearly from the sidelines.

“You okay?”

Anyone who has an older child dealing with diabetes, clearly knows that if they answer, you’re probably okay to let them continue ‘their way’.  As I went into the kitchen to clean up the counters and the floor I got to thinking.  Tomorrow is World Diabetes Day and there is something that should never be forgotten; what we do, we do for them.

It’s not just about wearing blue, blue-lit buildings, and doing something to recognize the day.  World Diabetes Day is not my “diabetes” Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, or anything else.  It is a day with a mission.  If everyone did what they could, there would be no ‘one’ day needed to recognize…..well……anything.

Do not misunderstand; I think it’s terrific that we have one ‘unified’ day to hopefully get the word out there for people to understand what diabetes is…..what T1 is…..what T2 is…..what organizations are out there.  But I have also discussed this with many people who have diabetes, and specifically with T1, and I get the feeling that many of those who live with diabetes 24/7/365 will tell you that they surely do not need a day of recognition of ‘ANY’thing.  From 11:59 pm tonight clicking to midnight when World Diabetes Day kicks in; and to 11:59 pm tomorrow night to Midnight when Saturday morning begins and World Diabetes Day kicks out…….the lives of those we love will not change one iota but for this………they will have diabetes another day.

My World Diabetes Day will be recognized when my kids no longer have this disease.  However we get there; but THAT WE GET there.  Until such time I pray for the many management tools needed to improve their lives and their lifestyles; we need these tools to become a reality.  Until such time that we no longer need to educate people.  Until such time that TV doesn’t thinks it is a joke to stuff cookies in the mouth of someone passed out from a hypoglycemic reaction (Seinfeld).  Until such time that the world doesn’t think all people with diabetes got there because of being overweight. Until such time that there is enough money given for research across the globe.  Until such time people “Don’t do Nothing” and Get Diabetes Right.

Many people’s World Diabetes Day is everyday…..not each November 14th.  Do wonderful things tomorrow to recognize the day and hopefully make the world take notice.  But be ready to work again on November 15th and beyond.

Diabetes is not once a year for those we love……and when it comes to our advocacy, our actions, and our efforts……neither should it be for us.

I am a diabetes dad.

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