Waves Crashing In???? Take Heart, We’ve ALL Been There!!!!

row boatHave you ever felt like the waves of the ocean are crashing in over your little row-boat?  You know that ‘row boat’, just you and your family going along in life doing your own thing and expecting life to have some ups and downs when all of a sudden……crash.  The waves come in from all sides and the boat is taking-on water faster than you can bail the water out.  It  feels like you will be sinking any minute.

Take heart.  We have all been there.

The number one thing I LOVE about support (groups, online, a group of friends—what ever) is the sharing of experience.  The greatest teacher in the world is experience.  There is a saying I am sure you have heard a million times, “That which does not kill you makes you stronger.”  Kelly Clarkson even has a song about it.  It seems like a silly phrase for the only reason we have heard it a million times.  But it is a true saying none-the-less.

If we weather the storm, get through it; somehow……one will almost always be stronger when they come out the other side.  Now it surely does not feel like that when you’re going through it…..does it?  When it comes to diabetes, I tell people the same thing every time.

I know it is tough to be a parent.  Trouble seems to be coming in all over but remember this: even if your child was diagnosed a week ago, look how far you have come in just a week.  The longer you are ‘at this’, the more experienced you become.  The further out you are, you merely have to look at that fist week after diagnosis.

There was a man I knew, Larry.  He was like a pastor and when you would tell him how far you came in your faith he would answer with a big smile on his face as he put his arm around your shoulder, “Yes brother and you have a long way to go.”  Much to be said in that statement, isn’t there?

SO look back every now and again and realize how far YOU HAVE COME dealing with diabetes.   Know that you have a long way to go as well.  Take it in strides.  The good thing about storms…….is that they will always pass.  Some longer than others, I admit, but they will always pass.  You will laugh again, dance again, sing again, and the sun will rise again.

Experience has taught me that……………………………….many times.

I am a diabetes dad.

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