Sometimes Super Heroes Do Not Have Capes…….Just Like Your Child!!!

Superman TrainI love that saying.  Sometimes super heroes do not have capes.  Now at the onset I will admit I’m writing this with a biased slant.  How could I not?  How could you not?

Super heroes accomplish amazing things despite the adverse conditions creating incredible odds against them.  Hmmmmmmmmm….sound like anyone you know?  I write this article as I came across a few kids playing outside this afternoon before the expected rains will hit our area.  Their concentration level on having a good time was pretty intense.  Soccer is an incredibly demanding sport, even if it is just a group of friends playing.

Of course that thought led to other thoughts and it came full circle to our kids doing what they do and doing so much of it while managing diabetes.  You know, I believe if we all just stopped and thought of everything our kids do, have to do, had to do, accomplish, and achieve before we get angry with them because they did not check their blood sugar before eating dinner, we might react completely differently.

At some point while waiting for something; get a pen and piece of paper.  Just start to write what your child has to be concerned about and/or do in just a 24 hour period dealing with their diabetes.  I know, I know; parents have to do a lot too but let’s just make this about our kids for now.  Over a 24 hour period you will come up with at least 50 things that have nothing to do with being a kid….right?

Now multiply that by 7 and again by 365.

Just look at it——————————-much to ask of an eleven-year-old (or any age); don’t you think?  So before you are just a bit quick on the; “Hey, how could you forget……” parenting, just stop and remember WHAT THEY do DO—–every day.  I sure as heck couldn’t have done what they must do at their age, every day.

To me, sounds like they are accomplishing great things despite major adversity………like super heroes………….but without the capes.  Think about it.

I am a diabetes dad.

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