Today is 12/13/14……a Far Cry from Diabetes 1-2-3

12-13-14 Today’s date is 12-13-14.  It will be a long time until that happens again.  In fact it will be a hundred years.  Pretty safe to say where many of us will be at that time.  As I looked at that day today, I kept thinking about the diabetes of 1-2-3.  I am referring to the first 3 things we learned about diabetes when it was new in out household… know; the new normal.

I know there was an orange and there was syringe; and that is how we earned to give Kaitlyn her shots in 1992.  So many people become overwhelmed at the onset of being diagnosed; and it is like a wave over the side of a rowboat.  But think back, even if it was just a short time ago, when your child was first diagnosed.

In as overwhelming as it was or may even still be, it was step 1, 2, and 3 and then you continued on until you are where you are today.  We never look at the distance we have come and how far we have come.  ‘We will never survive this’ has morphed into discussions like this, “This is my child’s life, you damn well better do it.”  See: Progress.

The interesting thing about having diabetes is that we are, or should be, always moving forward.  Always learning.  Always taking ion the next challenge and we do it because we must.

So look at the distance of the race and remember when you were at just the small steps of 1-2-3.  Be proud and confident at the may things you have learned now that you are at steps 12-13-14…………………………………or 1012, 1013, 1014.  And how much more you will learn………moving forward is a good thing…….

I am a diabetes dad.

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