It’s a Wonderful Life……….Could this Classic Film be Made Today?

Its a Wonderful lifeNow do not beat me up on this….I am not trying to change your mind about this wonderful film…………..but…………in this world of emphasis being placed on trying to be so politically correct, I was watching the Christmas Classic It’s a Wonderful Life this holiday season; and as I watched I was wondering—-could it ever be made today?

There is a big difference in 2014, today, and when it was released in 1947 (which by the way—it was a boarder-line FLOP when it opened).  When I decided I would write a few things in my article today; imagine my surprise when I was doing my homework and learned that in 2012 the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) even thought it necessary and re-rated the film PG for thematic elements, smoking and some violence—bet you didn’t know that did you?

Now my holidays are not complete unless I see this film.  I watch it every year along with White Christmas and A Christmas Carol (starring the great Alastair Sim–the best scrooge…..EVER!!!) and no Christmas will ever pass that I do not sit and watch these classics.  I don’t mean to change your thoughts about the movie and my thoughts certainly won’t change; but the thoughts certainly entered my head.

I’m not sure if I’m just so sensitive because of the world around us lately, but there were some scenes that made me think, scratch my head, and ask could it be that this film would/could not be made today?  …….as a classic?  And not as the family treasure it has become for sure?  I shutter to think what the social media would do if this film was released as ‘new’ today.

One must look at these ‘observations’ as the collective sum of comments and actions and not of just one single entity.   Times do change. Here are some things that made me think, wow……….

George is speaking to Mary in the drugstore and calls her ‘brainless’ because she does not know something he knows.

Also when Mary is speaking to Violet:
Mary: …but you like all the boys.
Violet: What’s wrong with that?

A person dispensing drugs is very drunk while at work; and the audience is believed to allow it because he just received very bad news.

The same drunk business owner strikes his employee who is clearly a child.  In fact strikes him many times and causes his ear to bleed.

Is Mary actually naked when she loses her robe?  If George’s brother does not come by with the news of his father—what would happen between Mary and George?

George’s brother smacks their hired help in a sexual manner on her rear end.

George, as an adult, berates a teacher over the phone.

A police officer shoots at an unarmed man fleeing away from him.

George is driving while very drunk and crashes into a tree.  No one calls the police on him during that episode.

At the end of the movie, 3 strangers are left in the house with 4 children and they may have even arrived with no adult there at all.

Now as you read this did you agree or did you think, give me a break Diabetes Dad this is way overboard?

I have seen this film a million times and always tell myself that it was made in a different time and different times mean different angles to look at things.  But the question needs to be asked; how much the world around us, influences how we look at things today?

The world is certainly changing.

I am a diabetes dad.

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