If Seeing this Makes YOU Shudder………You NEED to Read This.

insulinPlease, please, please (and let’s just say I wrote it a hundred more times) do whatever you can to add syringes to your diabetes management program.  There was a time that there were no other options and as I see more and more the absolute horror that the ‘pump broke’ “………and I really can’t stand going back on shots”, I shutter at how much people are too reliant on their insulin pumps that they really do not even know what to do with an insulin pen much less a syringe.  So if this picture scares you even a little bit…….read on.

Don’t get me wrong……devices are wonderful.   But…….

NO ONE likes shots but if shots are completely foreign to your child, I can tell you that you are heading for much more headache than you can ever bargain for.  I, for the life of me, cannot imagine that at one time or another something will not happen to a device that will result in you having no choice.


There was a time that there was nothing else.  Just a needle or two, and two vials of different insulins that were given simultaneously.  That was it.  Our kids learned to deal with it, and accepted it.

Do not wait for something to go wrong to try to explain syringes to your child.  Not even just pens; explain syringes and I can understand not using them unless you must but please be ready and know what to do.

If you do not want to go back on shots…… me, your child will pick up on your distrusting vibe immediately.  Again, education is the equalizer here.  Read up on it.  And there is nothing to say that you can not have the information and supplies out on the table and go over it with your child.

“What are you doing?”
“What are you reading?”
“Here, sit next to me we can learn together……”  (or remind ourselves what we did when you were first diagnosed in case we need to use it again)

Do not make it so foreign to your child and most of all IF YOU fear doing shots; I strongly suggest you get the books back out and get yourself ‘unafraid-to-do-shots’.  It may be the only thing at some point…….and I can almost guarantee it.   Find an orange (if you do not understand that, than you need to ‘brush-up’).

Been there……trust me on this.

I am a diabetes dad.

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2 replies on “If Seeing this Makes YOU Shudder………You NEED to Read This.”

Sorry to nit-pick, but I really think you mean “shudder”
Otherwise, good post. My daughter recently forgot her pen and had to use a syringe in the school nurse’s office; it was a good reminder that part of doing syringe shots is simply remembering how to draw a correct dose.

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