I Shudder to Think that I Wrote Shutter Instead of Shudder

SpellSo I am in Washington DC yesterday, I have meetings and a very important luncheon. I stay up extra late to get my diabetes dad article done after flying, traveling, and checking-in.  I don’t care about the day, I MUST GET IT DONE.  I was tired and exhausted.  Maybe I can wake up early and do it…….no I should follow my routine.  I’m not that tired………wellllllllll ooooppppsie.

Welcome to Diabetes dad’s version of are you smarter than a 5th grader.

Well it was bound to happen.  For years, over 300 articles each year and I finally succeeded in spelling something wrong in the headline.   And far be it for me to think ANY of you are asleep at the wheel.

As my second grade teacher used to say…..thirty lashes with a wet noodle.  If you do not do this crazy writing thing…….you have no idea of that kind of horror.  Ask anyone……we check, re-check, and check again.


Usually we have a chance to look at something once published and change it if needed, but I never saw my article again until I got off the plane last night returning home.


We feel silly at that kind of error……any of us do, but at some point or another, it’s bound to happen.  In the body of the article, that happens—-in the headline   BIG NO- NO!

So this stands as my official correction of yesterday’s article.  I’m now threw, dun, and fore the most part I will doo all I kan to mak surr it doesn’t happen again!
(tee hee).

I am a diabetes dad.

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