Holiday Gatherings……..Get Ready for those WONDERFUL Comments!!!

Holiday gatheringsAs sure as Santa will buckle himself into the sled for the big ride this week, it is time for those of us who have a child with diabetes to buckle up as well.  Time to get ready as we go on our holiday ride which is accompanied by seeing all of those relatives and friends who know everything there is about YOUR child’s diabetes.

So today, I have prepared some comments that you will hear over the next few days; and also a few response that you can think, but probably should not use especially if you would like peace to reign at the holiday gatherings.  Where you see ‘names’ just substitute yours……..enjoy and take it all in the spirit it is meant.

Susie, put that down, it has sugar?  or “…….can you eat that?”
“Thank you, I can control my child’s food intake and maybe you should watch a few things that YOU eat.”

…….So I read that they have found a cure in the cinnamon factory in this little town of Unklidashia……….you guys must be so excited… saw it, right?
“…..must have missed that one…..but thanks for pointing it out…….since you like reading so much, perhaps you will read the one page I sent you so you might learn a little bit so you do not exclude my child from YOUR child’s next sleepover.”

(changing their face, tilting their head, and in the most absolute condescending voice which goes up two octaves as their head nods while they speak) ….How ARE YOU guys doing…….bet you’re glad it’s not a more serious disease……huh honey?
(pick any answer you want, I really wanted to refrain from using four letter words in this article).

(Meeting the new girl/boy friend of a relative for the first time.)
(awkward silence for 30 seconds that seems like an hour).  I hear your child has diabetes……..My grandmother has diabetes……well; had.  She died after everything was taken but her head.
Yup……another winner.

So Patti, my husband’s brother’s friend’s father has a friend….no, wait…….a friend? hmmmm….no a coworker, right a coworker, who has a son who married a doctor who told them that diabetes is so easy to live with…….so you guys must be doing great after five years?
I will answer that if you can repeat that…….idiot.

They (your child) look so healthy!
How should they look?

The holidays MUST BE SO TOUGH for you guys with all that food around.
No, we eat…..we’re allowed.  It’s the once-a-year-I-do-not-have-to-feed-my-child-cardboard holiday.

Remember, we are all here for you…..if you need Anything honey;, you just call Harry and I—-we are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO here for you both. (Followed by the fake hugs and fake tears).
Well, actually, I stopped calling when you could not help for an hour when I needed to run to the store, or babysit for two hours so Steve and I could go on a mini-date, or you were too busy for 5 weekends to watch the kids so I could run a few errands…..since you NEVER ONCE COULD help, I stopped asking.

The interesting thing is that these probably struck a chord with some of you because you have indeed heard some truth to some of these I’m sure.  So if as you are traveling/visiting this week and next; and you hear something that reminds of this article—–I hope it makes you smile and prevents you from choking the person speaking………for the most part, our friends and relatives DO mean well………………………………….don’t they?

I am a diabetes dad.

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