Food + Holidays (do not necessarily) EQUAL STRESS….Are You Stressed?

StressSpeaking of the holidays; if you start to feel beads of sweat on your neck when you think of the many places you will visit over the next eight days or so, I’m here to let you know that it DOS NOT have to be that way.

If you all of your thoughts are only about the food and the control YOU MUST have, you will stress yourself off the winter wonderland of fun.

First thing.  Depending on the age of your child, let them know that the closer to normal they shoot for that forty point swing of 80 to 120, the better they will feel.  Not the better you will feel, the better they will feel.  When we talk ‘numbers’ with our kids, it is how much better they will feel if they do not have to recover from a 360 high or a 35 low.  That said…..that gets us to…….

Second thing.  You know your child. You know when the are impacted by a low or a high and where…..I always ask, ‘Is it worth the war with your child over a number that is 180 or 120 for one day?  Only you can answer that question.  I have used Dr. Rubin’s one word of magic so often………balance.   Find the medium roadway of enjoying yourselves and making sure your child’s numbers are okay.  For us, on a holiday to avoid stress, we were content with okay.  Balance.

Third thing.  Fun and enjoyment.  The festive times are not ALL ABOUT food.  A lot of it, yes.  But not all of it.  Do not make it about don’t, don’t, don’t… will only make all of you stress out.  Have fun, encourage your children to ‘go play’, play games, play outside………enjoy each other.  Does this sound familiar; “Excuse me a second.  Joseph, do not eat that, check your number, when did you take a shot (or adjust/bolus; whatever)” etc. etc. etc.  No one wants to be watched every second.


If you make the holidays ALL ABOUT diabetes……..I can assure you with almost 100% certainty, that it will be.

Enjoy.  Take a breath.  Keep an eye on things.  Do NOT let it consume you.  Give your child (children) some space.  Start out the day to have fun………even if you are at this just a few weeks at your ‘new normal’ with diabetes, you know now what you are doing.  Stress is at the unknown, make your unknown only about what you will enjoy about the day.  That way when something happens………roll with it…..just like you do everyday.  Even if you know all of this already……a reminder is not a bad thing either.

If anyone wants to add any tips or pearls of wisdom……..please do.

You’ve GOT THIS!!!!!!!


I am a diabetes dad.

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